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what our customers say


MC - Dept. 17
Solar Hot Water System

"I am so impressed with Ecopower. Lindsey answered all my questions promptly by email. Paul came for an initial consultation and explained the whole process. The work involved looked far more than could be done by one man but Paul completed everything with professional skill and very human cheerfulness. The work was completed well within the three days, even when it looked at one point as though rain was going to put paid to working on the roof (it didn't); safety was of prime importance for Paul. Having piping hot water and showers, free from the sun, is a marvel."

PC - Dept. 24
Pool Heat Pump System

"We installed a heat pump for our pool, which is larger than a lot of pools so I wanted something that was definitely going to work. These guys know what they are doing and what they are talking about. Their service is honest (they will tell you what's worth doing and what isn't); they are efficient, professional and good value for money. They also follow up after service so I feel if I had a problem they would help sort it out. I did some research with several other companies and I can genuinely recommend Ecopower."

PL - Dept. 86
Combined Pellet Boiler & SHW Water

"We contacted Ecopower as we were interested in a wood pellet boiler and solar hot water system. Paul took the time to explain the options and the advantages and disadvantages of different systems. When the boiler developed an issue Paul contacted the manufacturers and reprogrammed the system - great customer service. We would recommend Ecopower."

RG - Dept. 09
Solar Hot Water System

"We had the solar hot water system fitted in August last. In the late summer and Autumn we had little or no need for supplementary water heating as the tubes gave us 50c+ most days - more than enough for us and we have a 200l tank. In the winter, even on dull days, we have been getting a minimum of 25c so the immersion is used to top it up but still a big saving. Throughout Paul and Lindsey have been excellent - reliable, prompt and efficient. Paul was great on the installation - clean, tidy and pretty quick. He was also good company. In a nutshell I can recommend Ecopower without reservation."