In France it is normally necessary to submit a Déclaration Préalable to your Mairie for an installation of solar panels located on a roof. Wall mounted and ground mounted installations may not require any approval but your Mairie will be able to advise you on this.

The Déclaration Préalable is a permit to allow the work to go ahead and is a much simplified planning (permis de construire) process.

The application form can be downloaded here.

Although the paperwork is usually submitted to the Mairie it is typically not the Mairie that has the final decision although their opinions will have a bearing on the decision. If your property is in a sensitive planning area the documents may be submitted to the ‘Batiment de France’ and you may be required to submit more detailed information. It should be noted that the authorities have been requested by the French government to take a positive approach with renewable energy installations for obvious reasons!

If your property is not in a sensitive planning area, near a church or historical monument or within one of the ‘beautiful villages’ or ‘parks’ of France then you should have no problems with your approval and a decision will take one month to approve (from the date you submitted the forms correctly). If you have not heard anything, received an objection or been asked to submit extra information within the month then your Déclaration is deemed successfully approved and you can commence work on your project. If your declaration is submitted to ‘Batiment de France’ it will take 2 months for the approval to be returned.

If you prefer Ecopower can complete the paperwork on your behalf for a small fee to cover administrative costs, postal charges and copying costs. 50% of HT cost will be reimbursed on completion of a successful application once you place an order with Ecopower.

Paul comments “We trust this gives our clients peace of mind and ensures that all the necessary approvals have been obtained prior to any work commencing”.

In order for Ecopower to start work on your Déclaration Préalable the following is required;

  • a signed and dated mandate allowing Ecopower to submit the Déclation on your behalf
  • a good quality photo of your roof (where the solar panels are likely to be located)
  • a copy of your Plan de Masse or your Cadastre Reference - if this is not available then we can usually find it for you with your full address and description of your property location

For further details on this service please contact us through the website with your requirements and the necessary mandate will be sent to you to start the process.


Declaration & planning advice in France from EcoPower Europe Declaration & planning advice in France from EcoPower Europe